Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The battle goes on

After the second time the health inspector did not show up for an appointed inspection, I gave up calling her directly. I went straight to the headquarter, asked for her supervisor. The first supervisor I spoke to 3 weeks ago was a male with an accent. The second "supervisor" I spoke to last Friday was a female name Janet. I called again Monday, I spoke to an other female but not Janet, Tim the plumber called 3 minutes after I hung up, spoke to a Virgina. Every one of them are all her supervisors and promised to find out the situation and will schedule an inspect asap. Well, we didn't get any confirmations from any of them. The whole incident made me believe that they're all pretending to be the supervisors trying to cover each other's asses, and make you run around like a mad dog. Today is Tuesday, she showed up at 1:30pm unannounced, as soon as she came in, words came out of her mouth were, "I thought you were ready to be open, I don't know why you insist on me coming like this. I told them I'll show up, what's the point of calling?" Well, she must live a sucky life and hating it every moment. If I were her, I'd so hate myself, I might even quit!

Here she walked around and picking on things that were not on the previous list which we completed. The restroom is pre-existing before my time. I did not make any modification to it knowing better not to F#$@ with something's already approved previously. Now she insist on hooking new pipes to the big water heater instead of the existing tankless water heater in the bathroom. Her excuse was "I did not see that last time". Evil thoughts did come across my mind at that moment and hours after she left. Now I have to rip off a whole freakin wall to install new pipes. Just like she wants, I put every thing together so she can come tell me to rip it all off to re-do them, and then bitch about why she shouldn't be here the first place. This is the type of people working for our government at the lowest level. I think I should move to an other country.

Some people's got the talent to make others miserable. I have a feeling she'll do the same thing over and over again. Next time she'll have something new that she "missed" purposely.


~ Phyll said...

What did she say when you asked for the justification for hauling the piping?

I think this is ground to file a complaint and even ask the mall's office for advice and assisntance.

Your business could be run down before you even start!

Then again, that $8K seems like a good deal. Maybe wear a hidden camera and get her with her pants down.

Imen said...


Her reason is the tankless heater heats up to 108 degrees, but requires 125 degrees. The spec sheet says max of 75 degrees Celsius, she said if you can adjust the water temp to 125 without adjusting the water flow, or change the unit, she'll accept it. This is after she read the trouble shooting about adjusting temp requires adjusting water flow. Basically she cornered me.

Well, we pulled an 18 hr day yesterday and this morning, got all that she asked for. Miraculously, she showed up today on time. And I passed!!!! Tomorrow is building dept final inspection. After that I am good to go.

~ Phyll said...


Takuro said...


Yeah, its a thankless job, and the people that take jobs like this only do it for the ego-stroke and powertrip. Anyone intelligent enough would take a higher paying job with more respect. I just quietly smile and feel good that I'm doing something I love, and pity those that make a living making others miserable.

Its actually quite hilarious to see people like that in their environment.

Imen said...

Thank you guys! It's been a long emotionally and physically draining battle. When it's over, I hope it's all worth while. And I am so glad you guys provide me support and comfort! I am very grateful! :)