Saturday, May 05, 2007

Wall patching day

Today is a new day, in the sense of something entirely new to me. Sanding, patching, re-sanding walls aren't "smooth" enough by Health department standard. I can see if something like a concrete or red brick wall would be too rough. But tiny bumps?! My contractor was going to do the work, but couldn't make it here today, so I decided to do it myself. How hard can it be??? Is there anything I can't do at this point??? Well, just do it! I am stuck with this mentality for now, but I am a little resentful for whatever reason. As much as I like Marco, I begin to show dissatisfaction of his absence.

The night before, I spent 3 hours sanding part of the walls to prepare for the patching. Around 10:30 am, I started the process of smoothing the walls. That involves using a metal spatula scraping some plaster binding compound (in pink, hot pink) on the walls, and then scrape till it's flat, then let dry. The pink compound will become white when dried. After a brief break, I was back to sanding. When I left the shop, it was almost midnight. I was tired, sore, hungry, thirsty, dusty and looked like a walking drumstick dipped in flour waiting to be fried. My fingers were shaking all the way from the sanding machine. My cuticles are flaky and messed up. My finger nails are chipped here and there. My paws look like crow's feet. An Epsom salt bath came to rescue as soon as I got home, added a little seaweed to take away the dusty toxins. Now come to think of it, it's like soaking in a tub of miso soup without the miso. Boy, don't I crack myself up some times.

I got an unexpected call from the sign guy, who took my money, but still no sign guy. I'll meet him on Monday at his friend's shop to negotiate a deal for my sign. He claimed he paid out $500 deposit to an other company for the material before he sold the shop. Now he's willing to refund what's left. What kinda business conduct is this???? It was delayed by a month, still no sign at this point and I have to pay $500 for the hassle?????? WTF!!! I believe I am still on US soil, not some 3rd world country ran by Mafias right?! But then again, I am happy to know that I might get SOME money back. The funny thing is, he said I should become his business partner doing business in China. HA HA I chuckled for a long time. I don't know how can people want something from you, but won't even attempt to make a good impression. Trust and punctuality are must haves in business. What the hell are they thinking?! I begin to think I might be too naive to take in every words as they were true and meaningful.

Tomorrow is another day of painting. Another day of negotiation, try to keep my money in my pocket day.

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