Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tea Habitat - Grand opening!

I am in the final stage of preparation. Grand opening date is June 2nd, this Saturday. Grand opening celebration party is scheduled on the following Saturday June 9th at 2 pm till whenever. Everyone is invited! Free food and drinks! Formal invitation will be sent out and posted early next week.

Tea Habitat
21B Peninsula Center
Palos Verdes, 90274

At corner of Hawthorne and Silver Spur, across from TJmaxx

My camera is STILL in the repair shop. Nikon is taking their sweet time. I will have to borrow a camera and take some shots.

There will be loose ends here and there at the beginning. I expect to smooth it out in a few weeks, especially hiring and training the right staffs. I intend to improve as time goes by with better service and products.

Sorry for the broken writing, I am extremely tired and still a million things on my mind at this hour.


Christina Hauck said...

I live in Kansas, so I regret to say I will not be there tomorrow. But best of luck in this venture.

Imen said...


Thank you very much! Whenever you are in this neck of the woods, drop by and have a sip of tea! :)

Steven Dodd said...


Davelcorp said...

Congratulations! I hope the opening was a blast.
Will you have tea for sale on your website?

Imen said...


Thank you! :)


Thank you too! :) I had a good turn out today unexpectedly, but Saturday was slow due to the street fair down the street.

My website (informational) will not be up for a couple more months. My budget and man power do not allow me to set up online sale for a while. However, in time when things get on track, I'll definitely set it up and will let you guys know. :)