Friday, June 01, 2007

Marine layer and pu-erh

Spring in So-cal is quite humid. Marine layer hovers the beach communities in the morning, which is giving my pu-erh a good dose of replenishment. I can smell the sweet aroma of my pu every time I walk by. Palos Verdes is particularly misty/foggy every morning and evening. You can see rolling clouds on the hill top. As I will transport my stock to that location, they should age really well. One of the cakes was over dehydrated at arrival, I am hoping the moisture will reverse the effect some what.


MarshalN said...

I think I said a while ago on this blog about sea water and salty taste in puerh. Don't know if true, but.... beware :)

Imen said...


Yes, you did mention your friend and his pu by the sea. I wrap my cakes with 2 layers of gift wrap tissues. :)