Sunday, June 10, 2007

The gang's in da house

Behind the bar are (left to right) Louise, Will, Phyll, me and Nick.

I am extremely thankful to the LA Tea Affair gang whom volunteered their knowledge of tea at my opening tea party. It was such a fun event that some of the customers came back today telling me how much they learned from these guys the day before. A 12 years old little girl came again today and talked the tea lingo she learned from yesterday, sounded like a little tea connoisseur. It's absolutely amazing and funny. It's how I envision LA tea affair will become with a bigger crowd! It'd be great to have more open tea-bar events in the future. A couple (both are teachers) suggested a tea function at the South Coast Botanical Garden or the local library. That sounds like a beautiful idea that I should explore the possibility.

I have to thank CM (front left, next to the orchid)! He's the one took me to the desserts cafe in SD which lead to my own tea lounge. We met in Singapore 2.5 years ago, on a tour bus to the botanical garden which is famous for its 1000+ species of orchids. Yes, I am a tea addict and obsessing over orchids at the same time.


~ Phyll said...

Ah, that young girl (Laurent is her name, I think) returned with tea lingos? :) I had a great time chatting with her family and her! I thought she was the most astute taster / guest who I met that day. A very poised and polite young girl.

I enjoyed the time yesterday, Imen. Thanks for inviting me along. And cheers to the success of your venture!

Imen said...


She was talking about the sensation she felt in the back of her mouth for certain tea, and the kinda reaction her taste buds felt.. Oh my god, her mom called her weird. hahaha

She's very charming and eloquent at this tender age. Her mother volunteer her to help me at the farmer's market, how fabulous!

Yesterday was awesome having you guys here. It made the whole event so much more interesting and "happening"! Fritz, the lady with gray hair and her friend Mary loved you guys too. She stopped by today to tell me how much they enjoyed the experience. We'll have to do this again!

Thank you for the Champagne! It's very lovely and thoughtful of you. :)

~ Phyll said...

Hehehe...I told her and her family to look for that aftertaste in the back of the throat. She's a fast learner. : )

MarshalN said...

Congrats Imen! Wish I could be there.

I have a feeling I might get a chance to visit LA sometime late this year, or early next year (have a family wedding that will happen at some point) so I'm sure there'll be a chance.

Will said...

Thanks so much for having us and not getting mad when we brewed top shelf teas! It was a blast. It was definitely interesting and new to have to brew tea in that kind of situation... I'm not totally sure I rose to the occasion, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

I'm definitely hoping we can do some more public and semi-public events soon... more on the list about this.

See most of you all next weekend at the Pasadena event!

Imen said...


I will definitely do a public tasting event while you are in town. We all need to show off what real tea is all about!

Imen said...


I am very thankful that you guy came! I can't imagine what a mess it'd be if you guys weren't here. You guys did great and I am glad you had fun.

It's absolutely okay to brew anything. It was funny how you guys (experienced tea drinkers) can pick out the good stuff without a price tag, while some old ladies told me $2.50 is too expensive.

See you on Saturday. :)

Ido said...

Your place looks amazing!
Love the different sitting settings.

I can't wait to visit you.

Wish you all the success :-)

p.s. nice to see you have such a young protege already.

Danica said...

Imen it looks and sounds wonderful. I regret that I couldn't be there--but I look forward to the day I am there! xo

Imen said...


Thank you! Please drop in for a cup of tea when you are in town.

Wish you success on your business venture as well!

Imen said...


I will have another open bar some time soon and your help will be much appreciated. :)

See ya Saturday!

xdustinx said...

Imen, where did you get the electric kettle in the second picture? Is it a Kamjove? I'm looking for a new kettle. The one I have doesn't pour well. It was awesome meeting you this afternoon, by the way. I'll definitely come check out your shop the next time I'm up in the area.

Will said...

That one's a Kamjove - it's about $30 at Wing Hop Fung in LA. I've got one of those (800W, I think), and an older, more "army surplus" looking one; the older one is cooler looking, but the Kamjove boils pretty fast. Those ones or the ones w/ the grey base are both pretty cheap and decent.

Imen said...


It was my pleasure meeting you yesterday at such a corner stone event here in north America.

This kettle pours quite well. The only problem is, it stops boiling when the water is half way down, the pot is not that big to begin with. Like Will said, it heats up rather quickly.



xdustinx said...

Thanks Will and Imen! I'll be picking one up next time I happen to be up in LA. Oh, and are these available in both the Chinatown and Monterey Park stores? Thanks.

Imen said...


I got mine at the MP store. Not sure if China town store has it or not, I'd assume they do tho.