Saturday, June 02, 2007

aaaaah, pictures

Timing is everything! I came home around 12:45 last night and found a little package at my door. It's my nikon camera! After more than a month at the nikon repair shop, it made its way back to my hands. :) Here are a few shots of my new tea shop, Tea Habitat. :)


MarshalN said...

You should definitely buy an opium pipe for decorative purposes. They're easily available and adds a nice touch :)

Steven Dodd said...

Wow, I'm amazed at the design. This 'bar' is very homey looking. It looks more like someone's dining room and kitchen than some strange business. Good job on setting this all up.

Davelcorp said...

Beautiful. A very nice balance of modern and antique. I hope to visit in person one day.

Imen said...


haha... should I stock up on opium too? that is a very cute idea!


Thank you! I have been looking to buy a home for the last few years, but couldn't keep up with the market. Now that you mention this, it must reflect my desire to have my own home. Hope it will make others feel like home too. :)


Thank you! It's how I envision it, and I am glad the out come is capturing my intention.

Will you be here for the pu-erh event? No matter when and where, we should do tea one day for sure. :)