Saturday, June 02, 2007

Story of the name

In case any of my dear readers wonder about the name of my tea lounge Tea Habitat. The process of picking out a name was not immediate. It took about 6 months of writing down every name came to mind on a spread sheet, checking back every week or so to see which one I still like and which ones were taken. Tea Habitat is my final choice and I like it more each time it comes to mind. Human are habitual beings, whether it's good or bad. A habitat is a natural environment to develop a habit or habits, in this case where tea can nourish our body and mind. Supposedly a good habit and possibly an addictive habit. :P

Chinese name on the other hand has a long story. I'll have to explain that later when I am not as tired. Sorry folks, will continue tomorrow. I'll get off work at 5pm. It's a short day! Some how I find that funny.

柒月茶軒 - Seven (fraud prove form) moon tea pavilion, word for word translation. July tea pavilion is a more literate translation. 柒 is the same as 七 . The 3 drops of water on the upper left and wood at the bottom signify livelihood, wood (plants) grow on water, water nourishes plants, tea plants in my case. This is the year of 2007 and I was born in July, tea is one of the 7 essentials of Chinese every day life, "seven things upon door opening, fire wood, rice, oil, salt, soysauce, vinegar, tea". Meaning 7 must haves as soon as the day begins. Tea is the number 7th item. 月 Moon is the first time measuring "unit" known to man. It's closely related to females from the beginning of human history. A monthly event every women must endure which synchronizes with the moon cycles, an inspiration for males to tell time relating to the moon. I think it's quite sacred in terms of human revolution. Other than the planet moon, as a female, I feel like honoring and celebrating the inspiration from women's hardship to the significance of our everyday life, although often neglected, or even unknown to many. 茶 tea, well, it's tea and a must have. :P 軒 pavilion, it happens to be one of the 3 characters in my brother's name. For his name, it means confident and noble. The most common endings of a tea shop are house, chamber, pavilion. All of those hidden meanings combined into 4 little characters. Chinese literature never cease to amaze me, especially my knowledge of Chinese is considered inadequate.


Nikhil said...

Imen - an excellent name, and the story behind the Chinese name makes it even more interesting!

Imen said...


Thank you for reading my babbling! :) It's sentimental to me.