Friday, February 01, 2008

New arrivals - finally here

After a long 2 full months journey at sea, my Dan Cong teas made its way to me on Wednesday. My mailman Glen must be a little or very much annoyed by me, every week for the past month I'd asked him where is my tea, have you seen my tea, no tea, no tea still, tea today? Well, I would be annoyed if I were him.

I am just glad my teas made it safe to me. What's in box?! Let's see..

Commercial teas:
97 Honey Orchid (New)
07 Honey Orchid special grade (New)
07 Fall Orchid first grade (New)
07 Huang Zhi Xiang first grade (New)
07 Yu Lan Xiang first grade (New)
07 Da Wu Ye special grade - Big Dark Leaf (New)

Old Bush teas:
07 Da Wu Ye (New)
07 Da Yu Qi - Big (New)
07 Zhi Lan Xiang (restock)
97 Wild Hong Yin (New)

Some how Mr. Gui's teas were substituted by Da Wu Ye and Da Yu Qi. Aiya!

I have been really busy for the last week and this trend will continue into and after Chinese New Year. It's been overwhelming to taste so many teas in a short period of time. It sounds like I am complaining about drinking lots tea, especially when most of them are outstanding teas. But really, I can't keep up. Last week's tasting turned out to be a 3 drunken days event. I had to have a tea diet for a few days to sober up. So I'll have to update tasting notes gradually.

I tried the 97 Honey Orchid and Da Wu Ye special grade today, Da Wu Ye stood out to me, however I wasn't focus enough to take notes.

Zhi Lan Xiang is my favorite, as you can tell, I have quite a few Zhi Lan Xiang bushes (4). This is also a challenge to take tasting notes. While I can describe one tea drank at one seating, but without drinking them side by side, I have a hard time telling the difference except which one is better in general.

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