Saturday, February 16, 2008

Destiny of a tea leaf

In an hour of commute on a Saturday morning, thoughts came across my mind is nothing far from tea. Now that my tea shop's into its 9th month of operation, much of the tea related daily thoughts are inventory, tasting, who likes what tea, things I know and things I don't know about teas.

This morning, my thoughts went a step further, if I were a tea leaf full of flavor and substance, what's my destination? The optimal result would be end up in a cup of hot water releasing all the flavor?! Meet the right water, wait for the right temperature and use the right utensils. Making a good cup of tea is some what like meeting the right person as a mate. If the water was good, tea flavor can be enhanced, on the other hand, a fare mannered girl can become bitchy. If the temperature was hot enough, the substance can be released, if too hot, the bitterness will also come out. On the other hand, flavor of tea will not be revealed, a fun persona could become boring. If the utensils were wrong, tea would be bland. On the other hand, the right utensils can magnify the good and round off the bad. The right persons can inspire one and other to learn, improve, progress, and excel.

If I were a tea leaf, where is my water?!

Collection of scattered thoughts.

I got up on a Sunday morning thinking, this post sounds too much like an online dating profile. HAHA


Dave said...

I love this post.

Imen said...

Good morning Dave! Mighty early there. :)