Saturday, February 02, 2008

Commercial grade Dan Cong samples - Feb only

Tea for all in the new Lunar year!

Sample pack of commercial DC for $8 including shipping in US, $12 to Europe. For those who place orders during Feb will receive this sample pack for free. Limit of 30 sets --- Sold Out.

Each sample is 5 g
97 Honey Orchid $6/oz (New)---Heavy roast taste, robust and strong flavor
07 Honey Orchid special grade $9/oz (New)---Medium to heavy roast, strong honey orchid taste
07 Fall Orchid first grade $6/oz (New)---Sweet honey, floral aroma
07 Huang Zhi Xiang first grade $6/oz (New)---Citrusy, strong qi, mellow honey taste
07 Yu Lan Xiang first grade $6/oz (New)---Magnolia fragrance, sweet, a bit astringent
07 Da Wu Ye special grade - Big Dark Leaf $9/oz (New)---Light roast, floral nectar

email: tea at teahabitat dot com to reserve your sample pack :)
Accept paypal and checks


Aaron Kagan said...

I'm interested in purchasing the Dan Cong sampler. How might I go about doing so? Thanks!

-Aaron (from teaandfood)

Imen said...


I take paypal, check (takes longer), money order, credit cards (Visa and Master).

Please email me at tea at tea habitat for paypal account information.

For checks and money order:
Mailing address is

Tea Habitat
21B Peninsula Center
Rolling Hills Estates
CA 90274

For credit card payments, please call 310-921-5282