Friday, February 01, 2008

Ginger Flower

Dan Cong fragrances are mimics of other flowers. Some of the plants are not native to North America. Ginger flower is not quite the same as ones known here (Hawaii). If you happen to pass by a flower looks like this, make sure you take a good sniff, the aroma will amaze you, it's more than I can describe.

Botanic name: Hedychium coronarium
Common name: ginger

There are more than 50 varietals of ginger plant world wide, 15 - 20 varietals in China, subtropical plants widely grown in Yunnan, Guang Dong, Guang Xi provinces. Flower colors can be red, white, yellow, gold or peach. Common ones in Guang Dong are white as pictured. It does not have a fancy look, however fragrance is powerful. 2 to 3 stems of ginger flowers can fill a good size room. Blooming rate is speedy, a bud can bloom in a couple of hours. I stared at one when I was a kid, I actually saw the pedals moving. Hey I was a curious kid. :P

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