Friday, August 28, 2009



I have not gone to a movie at a theater for gosh 5 years? Today I have a compelling urge to watch Julie and Julia. My friend was reading the book and told me about the movie coming out in Aug about a month ago. Some how that stuck to my mind for no apparent reason.

It's been a few intense weeks for me, first was preparing for the LA Times article to come out, planning and packing the heck out of everything in the store. I was then worried about how it will come out, of course it was so wonderful beyond my imagination of this life time. Next thing has been keeping up with the flood of tea drinkers, that also came with the worry that I might some how neglect a few and end up pissing people off, worry about disappointing people and such.

So I decided to watch a movie to take my mind off it tonight before another big weekend arrives. Oh god, it was like watching my own life 3 years ago to today.

The movie was about Julie of NY was inspired to cook 524 recipes from Julia Child's French cook book and blogged about it, her blog was so popular, NY Times wrote a story about her, then she wrote a book about it and Hollywood made a film from the book.

I started learning Dan Cong from my tea master and inspired to learn every thing about it and at the mean time carry the product as specialty items of my tea store. 3 years later, Dan Cong made its name on the LA Times. And I am working on translating the book of Dan Cong.

Strangely, I was the only one in the theater at 10:30 pm and thoroughly enjoyed this lengthy movie. I wouldn't call this my type of movie, but it's strikingly aligned with what's happening to me minus the movie part. Is this a sign?! Oh, I don't mean the movie part. God no! Julia Child's cook book was and still is a great success, it has changed ways American eat and cook. I shall contribute my share in the tea world, change the way Americans sip their tea.

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