Monday, August 03, 2009

Eventful Weekend July 09

Ah! The aliens are coming!!! :P On my way to Palm Spring. Wind mills are everywhere along the free way.
This is an alien looking bird escaped from the jurassic park movie.. Lots of these creatures running around the resort compound. Cute butts!
Duckies and turtles in the pond, fishies too...
Aaawh... this is what I come to the hot desert for in a 112 degrees hot summer day, hot spring spa among trees and flowers.....
There was a giant tall tree in front of my kinder garden school back in the days that is the same specie as this fiery orange flower. During summer time, the flowers crowned the tree top covering a large area can be seen a couple blocks away. I remember it's called Huo Feng Huang-Fire Phoenix in Chinese. These are gorgeous looking flowers. Some how Phoenix keeps popping in my life (or has always been in my life?). I also own a company named 7 Phoenix Tea before I decided to dive into Phoenix Dan Cong. My dearest friend and I sitting on tree trunk table and stumps, perfect place for tea, but I didn't take my gears with me. Perhaps next time.
Nice little treat, was upgraded to a private one bedroom with a front yard and a court yard by the bedroom. Many thanks to the Two Bunch Palms staffs.
My birthday cake.. :D
My birthday egg! When I was little, my mother made me an boiled egg on my birthday every year. My girl friend does the same thing for me now. My life would be drastically different in LA without her.
This year's birthday keeps going and going. Today HL showed up with a giant cake and flowers! She's such a sweetie with the most genuine generous heart. Tea has brought me good luck and good people. I can't express my gratitude enough to all those whom care for me!

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