Friday, August 28, 2009

New teas arrived and arriving

Tian Yi Xiang - Heavenly Leisure Fragrance
83 Wild Hong Yin
88 Wild Hong Yin
93 Wild Hong Yin
78 Wild Hong Yin (restock)
78 vintage Dan Cong (Very good, tastes and acts like 40 yrs old pu-erh)
09 Da Wu Ye - Commercial special grade (very good for the money) - Big Dark Leaf
09 Yu Lan Xiang - Commercial special grade - Magnolia Fragrance
09 Ba Xian - Commercial special grade - Eight Immortals
09 Mi Lan Xiang - Commercial special grade - Honey Orchid
08 Honey Orchid Gold Medalist #1 (restock) -- 09 stock is not as good
07 Ba Xian (restock)
08 Song Zhong #5
20 Wu's CZ red clay tea pots
Sha Diao (water kettle) made of 20 years old clay - ugly as hell, but cool as hell too...
Chen's goose feather fan (5) - Awesome! I almost set off a fire in 1 minute. Gotta get one if you have a CZ stove, guarantee to make your life easier.

My happiness was at a level you can't imagine today when I use the fan to start a fire and tried out the 20 yrs old clay kettle together, brewed tea in a Wu's pot. My new tea boy described the tea made in a Wu's pot as velvet laminated with silk, same tea made in a gaiwan as toilet paper of the Soviet. Tea we used for this experiment was 09 Da Wu Ye special grade. Some how I always end up with drama queens working with me! :P

Gui Hua Xiang
98 Hai Mei Zhan
Books of traditional Chinese architecture
20 Wu's Chao Zhou Sandy Red Clay Pots


Maitre_Tea said...

goose feather fan? who do you think you are, Zhuge Liang?! Seriously though, Is the Tian Yi Xiang going to be on sale? I heard the description from the interview you did with Steven, and I'm intrigued

Imen said...

Maitre Tea,

Seriously, it looks just like his fan.

About the Tian Yi Xiang, I have 1/2 lb. Let's talk on email after the weekend. Or you can come to my store to drink it for free. :)