Friday, August 28, 2009

Meanings of photo

Before the article came out, I was uncertain of what would be published. I then saw the online version prior to the hard copy. It was a nice mugshot, but doesn't mean much other than people have a face to link to a store. But I was immersed in joy when I saw this photo on a hard copy. It's such a beautiful photo without any flashiness. Jay the photographer had no idea what these items mean which mean a whole world to me. I want to thank Jay again for taking such a beautiful picture and picked this one out of a LOT of pictures.
Due to the fame of my tea master, he dose not accept dispels easily although he'd teach everyone with interest. I learn everything I know about Dan Cong from him, so he's my Shi Fu, not teacher. But he did not officially recognize me as his dispel for more than a year. Until a little over a year ago, he sent me 4 of the Guang Xu (late 1700's) cups as presents along with 2 CZ tea pots from the 70's which are in this photo. The tradition is a Shi Fu would give his dispel personal gifts as a guesture of taking the person under his wings. This beautiful photo showed up at the front page of LA Times Food section, there is no better way to show my gratitude for his generosity to share his knowledge. It's better than any words I can say to thank him.
Everything came out perfectly! Well, the PV people did not like the run of the mill south bay mall description. HAHAHA...

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Anonymous said...

It's appropriate that the Dan Cong master be honored in this way. He needs to be remembered for being a part of what has made the wonderful Phoenix Mtn Oolongs so available here in the US. --Spirituality of Tea