Saturday, December 12, 2009

Back to Korea again

I love this airport. Free computer with wifi for travelers.

Just a quick update, I have been to 8 cities so far... It's great fun but I am TIRED!

Over 4000 pictures, yikes! Some interesting tea performance videos from 2 tea expos I had been to. Went to 3 tea mountains in Guang Dong, Fu Jian and Zhe Jiang provinces. Had the honor to attend the second annual tea house managers meeting, had tea at a private tea museum in Shen Zhen. Met the tea master of my tea master - de grand tea master of mine Yao Guo Qun (the most recognized in tea industry in China today for his contribution and knowledge).

Some odd teas I am bring home with: 40 yrs old Dan Cong, some over 50 years old Dan Cong worm shit (literally shit of worms that fed on Dan Cong), some 20+ years old OLD bush dan cong, 92 white tea (bai mu dan) from Fu Ding (sold for over 10k rmb, but I got it for free). Some best silver needles and silver needle jasmine I have ever had from Tai Shun, but out of stock this year. Also some other pricey teas that I didn't really care for as well. A bunch of books and tea wares and antiques are on their way on the ocean, should be back in 2 months...

Some Chao Zhou tea pots, and most proud of all, some chao zhou clay tea canisters! They are so small and so cute. Ah, speaking of that, I have a video of how chao zhou tea pot's made, not that you guys have not seen one before, this one is mineeeeeee... :P

The most interesting time I had was in Zhe Jiang province, visited a hot spring resort, and took some most amazing pictures there... I didn't go to Hang Zhou or Yang Zhou. This whole trip wasn't planned and end up really well. Next year is the 10th reunion for the 8 and only 8 masters graduate students of Zhi Jiang University, they are scheduling a meeting of all 8 and their professors in Hang Zhou, I am invited to tag along! I met 2 professors and 3 out of 8 students this time. It was such honor and privilege.

Ok, I gotta board now.... I'll be back in 15 hours...

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LACheesemonger said...

Sooo, I expect U to taste me all *all* of those, especially the worm shit!

Seems like there is a lot of shit in your home province??? :p Hmm, maybe Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong) traces his roots to that area, he smokes a lot of 'shit', lol.

Should get a digital projector and have you narrate a 'slide show' on the wall of TH of all 4k images, while partying on all those teas :D

How the *#$%!...did U take 4k images with a PnS digicam?

Of the 2 worst condition cattleya, one has a new pseudo bulb coming up! The worst one is still 50/50, but there's a tiny pale green root tip coming out of the rhizome even while the leaves seem like they will all yellow and fall off...hope springs eternal, we should know by Spring.