Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cities I had been to in China

Landing city: Guang Zhou, then Chao Zhou, Xia Men, Fu Zhou, Fu Ding, Tai Shun, Wen Zhou, Shen Zhen, back to Guang Zhou to fly back.

Total of 8 cities in less than 3 weeks. There were days we hit 2 cities in a day. Along the way, I was getting free teas left and right.

Gifts from my master:
74 Lu Tian Cha Bing, a museum piece now collected by the Hang Zhou Tea Museum. priced at 4 figures USD
45+ years old bush dan cong (was sold for 5 figures USD)
20+ years old bush dan cong
100+ years old dan cong worm shit (extremely medicinal) in a Ming dynasty blue white ceramic container (There is no price tag, not available for sale)
All of these teas were once belonged to the state run tea factory in Chao Zhou, they were yearly samples kept through out the years. What I have are small quantities, prices are per 500 g. They mean a lot more to me than its market value.

Tieguanyin from Xia Men
A whole bunch of teas are shipping to me from Fu Zhou (not sure what they all are)
White and black teas, 92 Bai Mu Dan White tea and some extremely rare white tea from Fu Ding, I was told DO NOT give these away, they were sold in the 4 figures USD.

San Bei Xiang, Long Jing, Silver Needles and some other green teas from Tai Shun, affordable prices and great teas. Much better green teas than most of what I had. Will consider offering their products next spring.

No tea from Wen Zhou

03 Liu Bao small flower buds teas, 09 Liu Bao large flower buds tea from Shen Zhen.

I love China! :D

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LACheesemonger said...

Hmm, since you don't particularly care for white (or yellow) teas, and since you only just learned how to brew tea least oolong (by your own admission, on this trip), we have to question if UR worthy of brewing these teas? :p

You can be trust them to me, since UR not worthy (see, that's different from 'giving them away'). :p