Thursday, December 24, 2009

Guang Ji Lou - Chao Zhou

Guang Ji Lou is built above the city wall surrounding the city of Chao Zhou.
Ma Zu Miao - a temple next to Guang Ji Lou for Ma Zu whom protects fishermen at sea.
Over looking Guang Ji Jiao (bridge), entrance of the bridge.
A building about 500 yards away from the main Guang Ji Lou above the city wall. There are 2 of these buildings on both sides of the main building, symmetrically over looking Han Jiang (river).

Chinese combine bureaucracy, military, religion and everyday life together at one spot. One does not separate from another, there is something meaningful about this togetherness. I'll have to look up the history about it.


Brett said...

I've been enjoying these post about Chaozhou. I'm sure you're making many people (myself included) eager to visit that town someday! It looks wonderful.

Imen said...


It's a very small city. You can finish touring in 2 days at most.