Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chao Zhou Clay Pot making

Raw clay from mine

Sifters for sand making
Small grains of sand to be mixed in cured clay before pot making
Soaking of ground raw clay for 2 years

Drained clay and put away for 10 years of curing before using
Making a pot belly

Making a lidRough mode of body and lid
Redefining body shape/smoothness and footing
Check Spelling
Smoothing the lid and body together for perfect fitting

Added spout and handle rough draft
Tools for Ming Zhen - Clear needle, meaning resurfacing refining the tea pot which could take up to a day for only 1 pot without any carving.


Karen said...

For what kinds of teas are the sandy brown pots good and why are they so much larger than any of the red ones?

Imen said...


It's good for Phoenix Dan Cong oolong in particular, it's also good for Wuyi oolong, dark roast TGY and pu-erh.

What you see in the picture is prior to firing, 20%+ shrinkage after firing. The pot in picture will be 120ml which is rather small compared to Yingxing clay pots.

The brown pots shrink less than the red. It's made to simulate Yixing both in color and size.

Thécat said...
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Thécat said...


1- Are they very porous ?

2- Are they appropriate for ripe and raw pu er ?

Thanks in advance.