Monday, December 21, 2009

White Tea Plantation

Love tea flowers! Tis the season for blooms. They smell slightly fragrant at closed up.
High mountain organic white tea plantation. At high altitude, tea trees do not produce any new growth during winter.

Ladies are hand clipping tree crown for more new growths next spring.
Look how densely planted are these tea trees. This will limit the height of trees as intended. Constant clippings for more side branch growth, in turn bigger crown for more new growths in growing season. Farm style tea planting is drastically different from Dan Cong trees. There isn't enough space for the tea plants to grow as shown below. These trees are about 20 years old.This is how Dan Cong is planted (pictured below), sparingly and spacious in between tea plants, other tall trees are grown among each small tea plantation area for protection by creating micro climate in each small area. These are also 20 some years old Dan Cong trees un-pruned.
I personally do not like the look of this kind of bare looking tea plantations. It's not scientifically planted as well. When cool or warm air hit the mountain, there aren't barriers to protect the plants. In case of insect storm, the entire plantation could be destroyed.

Something is meant for large quantity, and others are meant for quality, health of tea trees and the environment. Good looks can be deceiving eh? :P

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