Monday, April 26, 2010

Han Dynasty cup

This cup is so old, the glaze is chipping off. Smell of earth reminds me of dirt after a Spring rain shower.
Brewing unknown age of Fu Zhuan Black tea brick from 2 days ago, the piece is still solid in a big piece. Although I had enough of it for almost 3 days, but the sweet red date flavor is still going.
Never though I'd drink out of something this old. Now I would be eager to find something from Xi Zhou - Western Zhou dynasty, when emperor Zhou Wu Wang ruled the land and time. Imagine drinking out of something made in time space when my ancestor was alive.


Ian said...

That is amazing. Where did you get this cup? Just think of all the history this cup has seen!

Imen said...

My best friend is an antique dealer in Beijing.

Ian said...

Does your friend have a website or anything where one could see other tea cups/pots?

Michal Tallo said...

Colors and design of this cup in general kind of reminds me of a cup I used here...

...although this cup of mine was made just last year by local potter.
But still, it's a nice coincidence, I think... People's demands obviously haven't changed that much as the time went by :)

Imen said...


No, she does not have a website. Most of her items are large, small ones tea items are seldom.


Great things last, like tea. My logic nowadays is if something did not exit for hundreds or even thousands years, there has to be a reason why it's not good enough to withstand the time. Avoid by all means, new does not mean better!