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These people need help!

Source of water~
Dried up water reservoir

*pictures provided by the volunteer group

Ever since September of last year, southwestern China has not seen a drop of rain until last week, for a brief 10 minutes. Drought condition is the worst in the past 100 years. As Spring is well into its midst, harvesting is no where near in sight except dried twigs on cracked soil. Nothing but yellow dirt!!! We can blame global warming, government policy and what so ever for the cause of such devastating out come. The priority is to help the local people to get through the drought immediately, saving lives before fixing the environment.

This has nothing to do with tea drinking, as a tea drinker without tea in mind for the moment, it's livelihood that supersedes every matter! Water for drinking, food for hunger, these people needs help NOW!

Unlike other natural disasters with sudden impact, drought has the effect of boiling a frog in a pot of cold water, slowly cooked to death before you even realize it. Slowly in the past 50 years, Yunnan has turned from a lush foresty province into bare dirt plateau of today. I don't want to get in to the cause of it, for one, I don't know enough to say, 2nd there isn't immediate solution to turn thing around right away.

Donating money to a civilian volunteer organization (non-government related or regulated) is what I have been doing. This organization ships drinking water to the most remote and most affected areas deep into the mountains, providing funds to dig wells and build water storage unit at cost of $440 each, well digging is extra. Donating to charity organizations always leave an empty void at the other end, not knowing what they will do with your money, how much is used for administration cost, at what discount rate will the receiver obtain if and when they do, all of these unanswerable questions keeps people and myself from giving proudly. With daily almost live feed backs from the organization I donated to, my mind is at peace that my intend was well presented in best of what one can do without being there personally.

Due to the confidence in this volunteer group, I ask many of you for help on behave of the sufferers far from our comfort zone. By doing so, for the next 3 months, 14% of all sales through Tea Habitat website will be sent to China. Your donation is also welcome, I'll post total being sent at the end of each month. You may also participate by selling tea items you no long use frequently, I'll start a new page for the listing, please provide a picture, weight of item (for shipping estimation) and price. All sales will be donated to China as well. I will email buyer shipping info to seller. Please link this article to every possible media if you can. Thank you and wish our world the best!

It's great to share your interest with like minded, but it's a great deed to lend a helping hand when in dyer need.




For donation: you may paypal directly. All proceeds will be wired to China first week of the following month.

If you'd like to donate directly to China, here is a list of banks for Sanzui, volunteering for supporters whom couldn't reach the suffocating land.

银行名称 开户行 户名、帐号 电话银行
西安城东支行 户名:伍刚
95555 029 0012 5878 95555

西安经二路分理处 户名:伍刚
4220579980102076555 95533

西安互助路支行 户名:伍刚
4563513600008381758 95566

西安东开发区支行 户名:伍刚
60142835817375208 95559
西安市解放路支行 户名:伍刚
6222023700005529864 95588

农行 西安兴庆路支行
韩森路分理处 户名:伍刚
9559980210266243117 95599

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