Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updates on Southwestern dought

Water Storage

Water coming out of a new well
Narrow dirt road is not built for auto vehicles, especially large trucks
Dangerous work! Heavy truck load cause edge of dirt road slide off, tree save the day, but also block the road.
Documents stating donation from who to whom.

Thank you letter from the village school
Total collected donation by the group is close to $10,000, 63,000 RMB. Not a lot, but we do what we can. So far, 500 boxes of water was shipped, donation for 5 storage unit was confirmed, using less than half of the total collection.

Volunteer group has limited experience, although meant well, but human resources and experiences are essential in handling large disasters. In the past couple of weeks, this group's effort was plausible, however, some people got sick, work load was also larger than they could handle. They decided to stop the action, rest of the proceeds will be donated in currency for well building or contract shippers for water shipping. They also stop taking donation. No matter what, the effort was plausible, they did what they can. I will not stop on my part, and continue to find reliable volunteers to send my donation to. At this point, straight donation may be a sensitive subject, so I will stop taking that. 14% of my monthly sale will continue to be put aside til I have enough to wire in a substantial amount. Wiring money to China is costly and troublesome. This is a continue battle between man and nature.

Total of 6700 RMB was sent to China as of 2 days ago, approximately $1000 usd. That's all the money I had collected so far.

Thank you all for your participation! Bless your kind hearts!

PS 7.1 earthquake in northwest China.... speechless....


diprey said...

I am sorry: I just discovered this blog. What can I do to help? Is there anything left for sale? Does not matter what, really: it's just a token.

Imen said...


You can check out items on this list:

or 14% of sales on the website will also be donated.

Thank you for your kindness!

diprey said...

Thank you. I suggest I buy something really cheap for a deliberately high price so that I keep an item and donate most money for the good cause. I am sorry, 15% is just not enough.

I am willing to buy for up to $300 and will surely accept an item as cheap as $1 plus postage but not higher that $50 regular price.

Sorry: no participating in the campaign unless 80% of my invoice goes to China. I don't really need Dan Cong: we have plenty here in NYC.