Friday, April 02, 2010

Today's tea - Kan Tou

Kan Tou Old Bush Dan Cong Oolong, means edge of retaining wall, gained its name due to its location. It is a confusing name since most of high mountain DC's were grown on hill side with retaining walls everywhere. Well, out of that many, only this one marked its territory in name of history, and for good reason!

For almost a month, today is the first time I spend time to observe tea whole hearted. I choose Kan Tou out a few that I have not posed on website out of procrastination. There are a few trees I got after last year's China trip.

Fragrance is between Orange flower and Pomelo flower, lighter than orange flower, and stronger than pomelo flower. The fragrance is mostly in the taste lingers on every surface of mouth, warmth of tea soothes every inch of through as the liquid traces down, embracing with nectar of nature - sweet and floral. It's been more than a month since I had this tea, procrastination is not to be praised.

For some reason, I like spending time to learn about a new tree before posting it. 3 to 5 times over the period of months is not a long time to learn about a new subject, person, job, place, so is a tea. Kan Tou is definitely one of the teas on top of my list now.

My new year resolution is to be more diligent, especially on tea reviews. :P

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Mr. Cha said...

Wow! Honestly, I'm envious that you get to try such wonderful tea. I'm a recent college graduate, so money is tight. Once I earn enough money, I'd really like to try some of the dancongs you have for sale. (I've yet to try any dancongs!) Great blog by the way, I look forward to reading more soon.


Mr. Cha