Thursday, July 07, 2011

2011 Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea is in the house

A long 2 years wait finally came to an end! New 2011 crop has arrived! It's exciting and a lot of tea cupping to do. Writing tasting notes is never a strength of mine, so bare with me for a couple of days. A few teas a day is my maximum work load. So far so good though, a few that I had tried are satisfying with rich texture. My opinion of tea emphasize on the texture which is the base of good flavor, aroma and energy. Will post them on the Tea Habitat website as soon as possible.


Alex Zorach said...

I love the way the light filters through this particular type of ceramic ware. I have some pieces in this same style; this photo captures the phenomenon beautifully!

Imen said...

Thanks Alex, this is an old piece which is thinner than the modern pieces, that makes picture taking much easier. :P

Translucent, illumination give us much more mental space for visual creation.