Friday, July 08, 2011

Huntington Library - Summer Lotus

It's been a couple of years since I last set foot in the Huntington Library located in the city of San Marino, which is LA in a grand scale. We are fortunate to have many gardens in the surrounding areas both in LA and OC counties. Huntington Library is one of the must visit spot in LA.

Orchids are my obsession as some of you may know. Lotus is my love since early age before I know anything about orchids. As a young child, my school friend and I went to a garden park named East Lake during lunch hour to watch lotus and catch butterflies in summer time. A large pond filled with pink blooming lotus, of course the flowers were smart enough to locate themselves no where near shore. After a couple of visits, we finally got to steal a lotus flower which was an instant envy of the class without the teacher's knowing. It wasn't an easy task to pick a flower 2 yards away from shore in filthy mud, but I should be happy that we didn't fall in the pond.

Growing Lotus is a challenge so I have not made an attempt. One day I shall try in a large container.

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