Monday, July 18, 2011

Lotus of Gu Yi Yuan

Gu Yi Yuan being one of the landmarks of Shang Hai attracting millions visitors from around the world, hosts many special seasonal events each year. Summer is the season for lotus, this year is particularly spectacular. A national lotus show is going on now in the garden compound, showing off more than 1000 varietals. My girlfriend whose husband manage the garden has done an excellent job. Knowing lotus is one of my favorite plant, here are some of the hundreds pictures she shared with me. I shall attend in person one year to flow through the green waves of lotus leaves, inhale that fresh lotus fragrance through my pores.


joss said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love the "lotus4" and "lotus5" images -- is there any chance of getting a large copy suitable for use as a desktop background?

Imen said...


Both images had been photo shopped. I don't have the original images. Sorry about that~

Marlena said...

Thank you for sharing such incredible beauty with us!

Imen said...


I am happy to share them, they are too beautiful to keep for myself. :)

Lotus are rare in the states, even botanic gardens across the country put together have less than 1000 varietals. Imagine that many lotus are blooming together in one season at one stop! I get goose bumps~

I asked my gf, how do you plant so many varietals in the limited pond space? She said, POTs! Thousands large ceramic pots, each contains one particular varietal, what a huge challenge in laboring work! I can't imagine the upkeep work load either.