Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gong Mi Lan - Tribute Honey Orchid 2011

A hot day today in South Cal, although I shouldn't complain compared to the inland with a 20 degrees cooler temperature and sea breeze. Hot tea as usual, if you call me crazy.

With the new 2011 Dan Cong tea arrival, tasting each tea with various methods and multiple times is a huge task. After all drinking more than half a dozen a day is excessive to my taste buds. The first round of cupping was done in gaiwan for 5 minutes, the basic tasting notes were based on that.
Today's method is gaiwan gongfu style with Bai Ye Gong Mi Lan - White leaf tribute honey orchid. Honey orchid is the most reliable tea out of all, it's straight forward, present, good flavor, easy to brew, no down time waiting period, no disappointment each and every time year after year. Out of almost 20 new teas arrived, this is one of the most ready to drink teas.

Upon opening the bag of Gong Mi Lan, a strong passion fruit, lichi, ripe peach aroma you can't unnoticed. It's much stronger than others without anything added.
A sweeter lichi and peach aroma can be smelled as soon as the water is add, flavor is just as it smelled, after taste has a little like mango. Each infusion is slightly different varying from fruit to fruit in mixed combination. Complex, soft, interesting and pleasing. The signature honey sweetness and fullness last many infusions. A tea does not require a lot of attention to enjoy the wholeness within.
Wet leaves are still semi rolled up and thin at the end of the session, signs of high altitude from old trees due to slow growth rate of aged trees in cooler climate covered with clouds. Meaty leaf is not a good sign, either located at low altitude hot temperature environment and or fed with fertilizer.

Aroma: 5
Flavor: 5
Texture: 4.5
After Taste: 4.5
Over All: 4.75

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