Friday, July 15, 2011


Lao Xian Yong-Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong Tea, a moment I shall remember....

With this year's good harvest, it's to be celebrated with a few private selections of my own. Have I had a tea only to bloom after it disappeared in form of liquid? It's a new life experience with tea for me. Not a sign of impression in searching for that typical aroma, flavor when I drank it. A tea without a head turn so I mentally noted it at first. As the cup was released from my fingers, carelessly put down on the kitchen counter, heading to flip the next page of Li Qing Zhao - one and only famous female poet of the Song Dynasty. The most delicate aroma began to open up in my mouth, the flowers in her poem came to alive as it appeared. The fragrance occupied all my senses through my nose drifted well beyond one's mind. Let it be, let it be! Let it permeate~ Let it linger~

Li Qing Zhao is famous for her love poems. She had a loving marriage but short lived. Living apart with her husband and soon passed away, her sorrows were painted on her words with Spring blooms and withering willows.

A poem can strike a soul, a tea can nourish one, I am in the mood for love-a song compliments the two.

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