Saturday, September 23, 2006

Dong Ding oolong spring 2006

Dong Ding ooglong spring 2006

Medium to high fired, $60 per pound, negotiable price, single estate crop from Li Shan, unknown producer. Seller is Lao Zi Hau (Old Brand), small snack shop vendor in every Shun Fat grocery store. This turns out to be a good find at a relatively low price.

3 oz, gaiwan, lobster eye to boiling water

Dry leaves: large pellets, even color and size, long stems are visible, aroma is more like Tie Guan Yin, sweet ripen fruity fragrance

1st brew: 10 sec, I did not wash this tea, turns out it was a wise choice. Very fragrant, lovely floral, liquid is light greenish yellow, no obvious taste, just a lot of aroma

2nd brew: 10 sec, more yellow than previous brew, less fragrant but still a very good smell, sweet and roasty taste, smooth and refreshing, no sign of any astringency or bitterness, nothing unpleasant

3rd brew: 10 sec, similar to 2nd brew, sweeter and roastier

4th brew: 15 sec, still a lot of flavor, less fragrant

5th brew: 30 sec, shrimp eye water, blend, just very blend

6th brew: 30 sec, lobster eye water, sweetness and roasty flavor came out again, fragrance is also detectable

Open leaves: smaller than usual ooglong, might be a small leave varietal, some leaves show red brownish rim, and most of them don't, a sign of uneven fermentation and light fermentation, young and tender leaves, hand picked, stems are too long.

Over all, this is a good tea, especially for the price. It's about the same quality of the $100+ ooglong/tie guan yin from Ten Ren. It can take high boiling temperature, unlike usual ooglong. This kicks it up a notch. My impression is, good tree varietal, if leaves were more carefully picked, evenly fermented, it could have a better result. I made 10 brews out of it.

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