Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mood and tea

I usually pick a tea that is suitable to my mood and the weather to drink. I do believe tea taste differently according to moods, how so scientifically, I don't know. For the last few days, my taste buds are so numb, I can't taste anything right, not even my favorite tea. So I end up just drinking not so favorite tea in various combinations to revive my taste buds. It's not working either. Strong pu-erh turns me off right now, anything heavy and smoky, yuck! Ooglong is too pretentious; wild pu-erh has a nice easy fragrance but soup is uh too alkaline; green tea is too grassy. My taste buds truly reflects my edginess. It must have something to do with my body changes associate with the healing process, also the hormone changes associate with the stress.


~ Phyll said...

Perhaps a bottle of wine? An earthy yet soft and somber pinot noir may accompany your mood well.

Jérôme D said...

Hi Imen,

Yes, tea tastes differently according to the mood, health, tireness... last week, I brewed an Oriental Beauty I particularly like to cheer me up, and that time I smelt nothing. It just had no taste in my mouth.

For these moments there's one tea I keep as a "shelter tea", when everything goes wrong and I need to get "home" : a 2005 Yin Zhen. It's not so fresh anymore, but still very good, and its softness has been a great companion in bad times.

Wish you a great healing.

Imen said...


I have an urge to chew gum.

Imen said...

Thank you Jerome!

I'll have to find a "comfort" tea as well. Thanks for sharing.