Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tea at the beach

A tea crazed friend I met at the Vegas tea expo, having tea at the beach last night. We stayed from 6pm till 11:15pm, ordered pizza delivered to the beach. It was nice to watch the 3/4 moon oscillating and its silhouette changed its contour on the water. It went from a line to a spot light to elliptical then disappeared then an endless runway of shimmer to the end of earth.

We had Huang Jin Gui Ooglong at the beginning and Tea tree flowers when it was late.


Tess Grey said...

Imen, your blog is lovely as usual! This sounds like a really fun time.

Out of curiosity, what do you use for heating your water? I can see it in your basket in this picture, and I know I've run across things like it on the internet, but is the heating unit butane or electric or what? If electric, what sort of batteries does it take, if batteries? How do they hold up?

Imen said...


Thank you!

I am using a red clay burner with an alcohol lamp inside, using denatured alcohol available at most hardware store in the paint thinner section, ie Home depot. Or any boat suply stores that sells stove fuel. I buy mine at "boater's world" here at the marina, have not tried the paint store kind. Mine is odor free and soot free. Don't try rubbing alcohol, the soot will ruin your furnitures. See the burner in this picture.


You can make a home made alcohol lamp very easily too. I'll write an article about it soon.

MarshalN said...

Hmmm, interesting, where did you get your burner? No soot eh...

Imen said...

I got it at Wing Hop Fung for $13.99. They have only 2 kinds to choose from, the other one comes with a clay pot for $30.