Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unknown high mountain oolong

Unknown ooglong, a friend gave it to me as a present after her trip to Taiwan.

3 grams in zhisa pot, crab to lobster eyes hot water, quick wash

Dry leaves: Dark green/brown, sign of a darker roasting ooglong, heavy bamboo smoky aroma, even size, look and smell are both pleasant

1st brew: leaves are half way open, color is amber as in picture, clear, aroma is sweet smoky English tea like, caramel and a bit milky in taste, texture of soup is somewhat smooth, kinda fresh yet mellow

2nd brew: darker amber, stronger smoky English caramel flavor, the greenness of ooglong is coming out, a slight hint of sourness

3rd brew: still a lot of caramel flavor, texture is more crisp than before

After taste: milky caramel smoky, no sweetness

Open leaves: large leaves with stems, 2 leaves and a stem mostly, no obvious signs of fermentation, hand picked

This looks and tastes like Jin xuan ooglong of Taiwan, it has the same degree of fire roasting, similar characteristic in smell and flavor. It looks better than its taste, it could be the aroma escaped through the box over time. Over all quality is not bad, not on top of my list though. I made 5 brews, it's very weak by then.

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