Friday, September 29, 2006

An other cherry blossom teapot

I went back to "Old brand" a few days ago, bought a couple different Dong Ding ooglongs, and I couldn't resist getting this little zhuni teapot. The pot's appearance is lovely, however it is not as well made as some of the other ones I have. I hesitated the previous time I was there. Then I say why not for $15. The cherry blossoms are beautifully made. I seasoned it the other day as seen in here , soaked in ooglong for a day. It's used for wild raw pu-erh, to my surprise, it makes very fragrant raw pu-erh. It enhances the aroma the best among a few vessels I tried. There are some sparkling particles in the clay as well, I guess I will no long have to avoid that from now on. There is one little imperfection tho, when pouring, water leaks from the lid causes dripping during the first half pot being emptied.

While I was talking to the owner, I was dumbfound by a seasoning method he told me. When seasoning a lower quality teapot and you can't seem to get rid of the mud smell after all other methods failed, boil the pot with pork sparerib, leaving all the fat out, the bone is the catalyst in this method. I would not connect meat and clay pot in a million years, but I heard from an other source, it works like magic. It will take a very very bad pot for me to try this method. Nevertheless, it is a method practice by mostly Taiwanese. I would not write it out, but it will take me some time and guts to try.

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