Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mad as hell

I am sooooooooo mad right now! I am just MADly MAD! While it was a nice gesture, it turned out to be a disaster for me.

My neighbor came and hung out last night. I passed out after taking a Benadryl for my allergy, he cleaned my mess in the kitchen VOLUNTEERLY. He washed my yixing teapots and cups with DETERGENT! Not only that, he chipped one of the 6 cups of my first tea set. It took me 6 years to raise those pots and it f***king smells like Palmolive!!!!!! AND, he dumped 2 of my ooglongs from the little jars into the trash, mistaken them for TRASH!!!! OUUUUUUUUUCH!!!!! My heart muscles are cringing leaving me short of breath. The thought of it makes my stomach turn.

There is a reason why I am still by myself. I LIKE doing things my way!!!! In my own SYSTEMATIC way!!!!!! OH gosh, I am just sooooo fucking mad right now! If you don't know tea, you would think I am a fucking bitch bitching about a good deed.


Dustin said...

Holy shit that's awful. Everyone in my household (and my girlfriend), knows to never touch any of my tea related objects. It seems harsh, but then I hear of something like this happening and I feel it's justified. And the worst part is you can't even be that openly mad at him because he thought he was making a nice gesture. Bummer.

Imen said...

Wish I could have done something to prevent this. But a guest doing my dishes has never happened before except my girl friends. My girl friends and family know better than throwing my good tea away. I can't be mad at him and I am VERY mad. I need a place to let out my steam.

~ Phyll said...

Oh no!!! I'm very sorry to hear this, though it's not as bad as reading about you, your mom and your niece get mugged. I truly know the significance of raising a Yixing pot so lovingly over the years. Losing the tea memory and to have the pots ruined by detergent is just an awful experience. It's like losing a priceless heirloom.

I think when you have calmed down a bit, you should let him know how you feel or felt. The way to hell is paved...tsk!

I hope you the oolongs that you lost in the trash are easily replaceable. May I send you some oolong to console the lost?

Imen said...


Yes, I can get over this much easier. After all it's just material. Although there is no way to replace the chipped teacup for this was made in 1996, my tea set is no long wholesome.

The 2 ooglongs I lost, the good one can be replaced easily. Available at "old brand" for $60 a lb, the other is Huan Jin Guai from Scott on ebay. It was inexpensive, tea was okay good.

When it comes to free tea from a good source, I am all up for it Phyll! Thank you soooo much, I appreciate it tremendously. I also want to share some of my tea with you as well. More tea to try for the addicts!!

Nico said...

You may want to try using denture (sp?) cleaner as touted on

That may your only hope of recovering them.

I'd be hopping mad if it was me, too.

Imen said...

Thanks for the info Nico!

tim said...

You can also try scrubbing them with tealeaves and salt, this helped me with the same problem in the past

Imen said...


What is the function of the salt in this method? It sounds like something safe enough to try.

Thanks for sharing!

MarshalN said...

Ouch, detergent?

This is tough, but not letting your friend know may just mean this thing will gnaw at you, because I know if I see my friend who washed my yixing pot with detergent, I'll be frigging mad at him/her forever and ever.