Thursday, July 23, 2009

An afternoon at my favorite tea spot

Looking to the far left
to the left
looking out

Looking to the right

Looking downLooking up
I brought tea, snacks and a book with me to my tea spot. End up not reading more than 2 lines, most of the time it seemed as I was unloading my brain. Didn't come up with any brilliant business strategies or the newest inventions that bound to make me rich quickly. Just zoned out with an empty mind for a whole day. I'm truly grateful and am very fortunate to be able to drink tea in PV as part of my regular life, the serenity, the beauty makes one wonder what more does one need in life, unrealistically. Let it be is my new motto.. :P



annelies said...

This would easily become my favorite tea spot too. Beautiful photos!

Imen said...

Thank you Annelies! I love the last picture of the branches.

alexis said...

what a beautiful place to enjoy tea! it captures the sense of adventure yet peace that tea embodies. I'll just experience this tea spot vicariously through your pics!

Imen said...


We can all find beauty in our surroundings with a cup of tea in hand. :)