Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best tea?

A couple came in to my store and whipped out this tea bag (without a cover), and said to me this is the best tea in the world (he runs a tea business). It's the best because the company is owned by a Chinese, Lipton buys from them, McDonals also buy from them. He then asked me to make him a cup with boiling water, and asked for milk and sugar. I am shocked and speechless. So I asked to have one, not sure if I want to drink it, because it has no cover and he just whipped it out from his pant pocket. I am so darn curious to see what "best tea in the world" taste like. Curiosity usually kills them cats. I don't think I have many lifes left after being killed a few times. Any volunteers? ;P

Tragedy if best tea in the world comes in this form.


Anonymous said...

I've tried Oolongs that come in bags and even when they're organic and fair trade the taste is terrible. And I'm not a very snobbish tea lover. I don't mind cheap tea as long as it's fresh but I'd rather not drink tea from bags no matter what. --Jason

Imen said...


I too have high tolerance of various grades of varieties of tea. I can drink any tea when I am out side of my store and home. Many times I enjoy them as they are.

But to self proclaim the best tea in the world title is just condescending. At most I say my Dan congs are very good or the best out of what I had, but never the best in the world, and they are not, at least not my stocks.

Steven Knoerr said...

Imen, in a strange way, I find the episode kind of touching. The poor guy may not know much, but he knows that there's something good here, and he has found it, and he's delighted with his find. I walk around feeling the same way half the time.

If he ever walks in again, maybe you could offer a dan cong and help him broaden his horizons. He obviously doesn't understand how wide and deep runs the world of good and great tea.

(And I'll bet you brewed up his humble teabag better than it's ever been brewed before.)

Imen said...


You have a big heart! I made the assumption that people work in the tea industry especially for a long time should know better that there are better tea out there no mater how great you think your teas are.

I should be more gracious like you said. Thank you for this little note. :)

Alfred said...

hey Imen!

just emailed u about

we dont claim to be the "BEST TEA" just the sexiest! lol

good post and hope everything is well!