Wednesday, July 22, 2009

That's something to brag about

I got a big box of surprise yesterday! 9 Zhou Yi (I-Ching) books, 2 large bags of Song Zhong #5 and a box of Dan Cong tea samples. This box of tea samples are signature single bush Dan Cong teas in the Phoenix Mountain tops, designed to complement the book. They are composed with special trees introduced in the book of FengHuang DanCong Oolong Tea. It's as near as one can get to the trees you are sipping while looking at pictures of them in the book. Faaaabulous!

I carry 13 out of 20 from this list of trees. I think my tea master is very partial to this student of his.. :D He has accepted only 4 students that call him Shi Fu - Master, I am the last of 4 and the only one not in China. Everyone else can only call him Lao Shi - teacher. I am soooo honored!

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Beatrice said...

Hi Imen!

Seeing as how you seem very interested in tea (and so are your readers), I thought I should just let you know of an upcoming tea exhibition we're having here at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. The exhibition will be on display from August 16 to November 29, 2009 and will feature everything related to tea—oil paintings, prints, photographs, ceramics, as well as other tea-serving paraphernalia, all gathered from around the world.

We'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word. I'm sure many of your readers will love to hear about this via your blog. If you're at all interested in writing something about this event, please don't hesitate to contact me through my e-mail address and I'll be more than happy to send you further information (i.e. the official press release, high-res images) regarding "Steeped In History".

I hope to hear from you soon! Happy Thursday!

Beatrice Eyales
UCLA Fowler Museum, Marketing and Communications Dept.

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