Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dan Cong, more Dan Cong and a Dan Cong Book

New Single Bush Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong teas are coming. I suspect it's already in LA at some USPS location near by. However due to the holiday, no mail today! I have to wait till Tuesday to try them. I lost sleep over this batch of tea 2 nights in a roll. I am sure there will be more till Tuesday. Then I'll lose sleep again because the non stop drinking will keep me up again. :P

This batch is very special, I don't mean the other batches are not. But this batch contains 1/2 a pound of Da Wu Zi - Big Dark Purple 2004, a reward for myself after 3 years of hard work. This tea should be better than Chuan Du Lao Ming Cong (top 10 famous tree out of over 7000 on the hill), that's something to look forward to! Came with a surprise is a small sample of Tian Yi Xiang - Heavenly Leisurely Fragrance, the other name for it is Hai Di Lao Zhen-Hunting for a needle under the sea. Just the name itself insinuates its rarity. The price is 2 times of Chuan Du Lao Ming Cong and more than Da Wu Zi. :I I think I'll be satisfied to have just a sample. I call these samples the teas-me (tease me) teas. A carrot dangling in front of a rabbit, taking you to higher, and even higher grounds every time. Neither of these 2 teas will be for sale, the prices are too intimidating. If you can come visit the store, I'll be glad to share some with you. :)

Included in this batch of teas are 7 whole trees of 2009 production, 3 of them are barely a pound each, 4 of them are 2 lbs and less. If anyone interested in acquiring the entire tree production, please email me for details. tea at teahabitat dot com

Ni Wei Yi - Affectionate Tail Ant, 2 lbs (Don't ask me where the name comes from. :P)
Li Jai Ping Lao Cong, 2 lbs
Zhong Ping Lao Cong Zhi Lan #4, 1.2 lb
Zhong Ping Lao Cong #1, 1.5 lb
Zhong Ping Lao Cong #2, 0.8 lb
Zhong Ping Xiong Di Jai - Little Brothers from Zhong Ping Village, 1.9 lb
An Jiao Lao Cong Zhi Lan - Temple(Convent) Corner Old Bush Cattleya Orchid, 1 lb

Da Wu Ye is back, also raided more Mo Li - Jasmine Dan Congs. I love my teacher! My all time favorite is Zhi Lan Xiang, so I got a couple more Zhi Lan Xiangs from different villages.

The book of "Phoenix Dan Cong Oolong" will arrive with the teas as well. It's published by Shang Hai Publishing Company in June, months after the original schedule. It's a semi-professional book with lots technical information relating to cultivation, processing, selection, tasting technique and more in depth information with 200 pages of photos. Shamefully, I am only at chapter 2 of translation. :P

All of these made this batch an exciting one to long for. Worthy of 2 or more nights of sleep? :\


Steven Knoerr said...

Imen, having just received a package from you-- and I've only dared to open two of them so far, and tasted one (your favorite, catleya orchid fragrance), I can only say I am having a bit of a case of tea envy. (Hey, that would make a good name for a blog or a tea shop.) Naturally, I have to hoard all this stuff to ensure I don't blow through it all in one swoop!

I have a question: What do the numbers mean, which come with some of these teas? Zhong Ping Lao Cong Zhi Lan #4, for example. Do they number the trees in the subvarietal group (whatever you call that group, the "daughters" of the "mother" tree)?

The Catleya Orchid fragrance tea was superior and just a heady experience for me. Thank you again for taking such good care of me.

Imen said...


The supply is endless, so drink all that you want when you want! :)

The # at the end can mean different things.

1) The number of descendants from the mother tree

2) Number of harvest batch of the year. Harvests of the same tree through out the spring that are processed separately. (Does not include harvests from other seasons)

3)Grade, base on #2, grade of quality of each batch of the same tree at the same year.

4) Grade, base on the sorting of one batch tea of the same tree. If a tree produce a big enough quantity, sorting is necessary, therefore graded based on the size and shape and leave quality.

TeaTech said...

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Steven Knoerr said...

Imen, you received very good mention today on Lanie Peterson's podcast, around 80 minutes into the program:

Her blog is:

Imen said...


I have something to write about weight loss and tea or without tea. That's one of the few things I want to write about, but don't have the time. I feel the urgency to finish translating the Dan Cong oolong book before anything else.

Your correspondences have provoked a lot of ideas. Thanks for keeping my mind active. :D

Edie said...
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Edie said...

Is it true that you can achieve the so called "tea drunk" state with chuan du Lao Ming Cong Dan Cong? How is this possible?