Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Competition green teas

To anticipate in the first open tea championship by the International Tea Expo, Tea Habitat hand selected a few teas to compete in the Pan Fried Green Tea category a couple of months ago. Oolong competition is held in February next year.

I am greatly disappointed for a number of reasons which I can't bring up openly. The result is the cause of disappointment, but not the origin.

Jade tip is one of the more than 250 teas under the same category which entered the championship. Highest score is 89 out of 100, second place is 88, third is 87, Tea Habitat's Jade Tip got a 84 rating. Another green tea we entered is Three Cups Fragrance which got a 83 rating.

Let's take a look of the leaves of Jade Tip...
Grown in mountains of 700 meters above sea level in Zhe Jiang Province. Spring tips of 2010 harvest, some of the best and very limited production of green tea. Absolutely excellent quality!
$63/125 g, only 375g available, Price is sold at cost.

Three Cups Fragrance....
Also grown in the same altitude of 700 meters above sea level in Zhe Jiang Province. Three Cups Fragrance is a varietal only local to this region--Tai Shun county. I personally slightly bias toward this tea compared to Jade Tip in terms of flavor, thickness and intensity of texture, although the look is less uniform than Jade Tip.
$54/125 g, 375 g available, Price is sold at cost.

2nd place winner by another company, will include a sample with purchase of above teas.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mid Autumn in SF

In less than 30 minutes, the annual Mid Autumn or Moon Festival holiday will arrive. Wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a happy family gathering!

I will be in SF looking at the Autumn moon by the bay in the next few days. All orders will be shipped on Monday the 27th. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Mood for Fall

Fall is here. Season's changed so is my mood. Sitting in the sun on a Saturday afternoon sipping a cup of tea is leisure. Fall is harvest season, human body is also in harvesting mode, although we do not hibernate, but our body collect nutrients and prepare for winter. Tea to drink during this time has moved toward matured selections, such as darker oolong, black, aged or cooked pu-erh. Taoism emphasize on living according to nature's changes. It's the season that tea trees begin to bud. So my take for this afternoon is 2003 Liu Bao flower buds. Sweet and soothing, just the right amount of nurture.