Friday, April 21, 2017

Writing a novel of tea stories

For a long time, I've wanted to write a tea book.  At first, tried translating a Chinese book, it didn't float my boat due to technical issues, lost in translation the least.  The second time I want to write something about what I know of tea, then I felt I don't know well enough to make it a reference book.  The third time I want to write a fun read tea book with tell tails of my travel to tea mountains and markets, but not sure how to link them all together.  Finally inspired by a novel my best friend introduced me to recently, I finally know what I want to do, not just tea, more than tea, a romance novel that links tea, travel, and self-integrating experience.   As tea started me on the horizon of self-discovery journal, it has been self-realization, revelation, toward self-liberation.  Tea has been the loyal guard at the entrance of a palace who took my hand then lead me into the grandeur of spiritual world, enrich and deepens my understanding of human nature, relationships amongst human and with nature.  When to challenge and when submitting to nature's courses is absolutely necessary.   Running through the rose bushes can be painful, yet one can find beauty and comfort in the colored petals and sweet fragrance as we must meander through life the same way.

The skeleton of the story is about an American young man lands in China for a work project in Hang Zhou, meets the girl in his dream and learn a great deal about law of nature from her grandfather whom went through a turmoil period of China and still stand-tall quietly in his tea mountain, great wisdom to be told, counteracting this overbearing society with a simple cup of tea!