Monday, June 03, 2013

Tea Tour of China!!!

Ah.... Martha, what have you done!!   :P

Tea tasting is fun and can be extremely challenging to me by those with active minds.

A tour of the Chinese tea mountain and markets!  If you are interested in going to China with Imen, roam around the tea markets in Guang Zhou, see the tea plantations in China, taste fresh tea leaves cooked in meals, watch how tea is made, and drink tea well in to the night at local tea houses, we are planning a trip for you.

I have in mind a relatively relaxing trip for the first time, 10 days trip around Thanks Giving time, during the world tea expo period,  begin with flying into Guangzhou city:

day 2 and 3, check out the largest tea market in the world (over 10k merchants) and the largest world tea expo of Guangzhou.

day 4, lunch or dinner and tea at an antique house converted restaurant, a food massage after that, tea drinking well into the night

day 5, 6 fly to Hangzhou, visit the world famous west lake and visit the local life, museum and garden

day 7, head up to Longjing mountain to check out tea fields, stay overnight at the mountain village

day 8, & 9, head over to city of Shanzhou, up the mountain of Shan, a lunch and/or dinner by the local tea farmers, mountain free range chicken, wild boar ham and fresh tea, bamboo shoot meals, run wild amongst the tea bushes if you dare.

day 10, fly back to Guangzhou, then head home.

We will try to stay in clean environment at all time, however remote tea mountains can be a bid country style without the fancy toilet, please consider that before jumping on board.  This is mostly happen on day 8 and 9.

I pick the above itinerary out of the consideration of our concern of comfort and level of foreign cultural shock.  Most of the time we will stay in cities with modern comfort, only a day or two of rural experience. 

Transportation, hotal, tour tickets and meals will be included with a tour guide in every location, fully insured.  Please keep in mind, if you have severe food allergy and/or health condition, go at your own risk. 

If you are interested, let me know soon and I will put this into action.  Flying to China in Nov is low season, air fare is relatively affordable.

In the future, we can plan trips to other tea regions combined with local sight seeing and food.  Yunnan, Wuyi mountain, Huangshan mountain are all great tea producing regions at the same time are famous tourist area.  If one trip is not enough for you, there are many many more tea mountains to see in China.  At least I find it fun to combine tea and sight seeing together, but can not be tea hunting alone. 

Well, it's a thought for now and you can chip in your thoughts, perhaps we can make this happen very soon.