Friday, July 25, 2014

2014 Dan Cong oolongs

2014 New teas have arrived...

I don't normally drink commercial grade teas, why drink it when there are better choices right?

This year's commercial special grade Honey Orchid dan cong is an exception.  Every time I drink it i like it more.  It has the depth and smoothness as an old tree tea, although not quite as deep and rich, but it's there.  Not bitter nor astringent.  A very good batch of honey orchid, the best since 2007 for the same class.

My other choice is the Lao Xian Weng old tree, outstanding!  Every aspect of this tea is how I like my tea.  When a tea is good, it goes well beyond flavor and taste.  JG put it in these words, when a tea contains essences that is life enhancing, it goes well beyond sensational satisfaction.  Many of the old trees resides up in the mountains with roots reaching deep and far under the earth, absorbing qi from heaven, nutrients from the multi-layers of rocks, clay and underground water.