Saturday, October 06, 2012

09 Wild Ancient Green Puerh - Zhong Zi Brand

Today is prep day for the Pu-erh tasting.  I had this same tea on Mid Autumn night brewed with a large yixing teapot of late Qing Dynasty.  The performance of the tea was amazing, so I wanted to try it in the Chao Zhou Zhuni Qing period pot.

Getting to know a tea takes time, using various tea wares, water, timing and methods to learn every aspects of a tea, learn what does it take to bring out the best of a tea.  As a tea merchant, finding a tea to sell is easy, finding a good tea which can stand the time is not easy.  I don't list much pu-erh teas as most people know, however I do have quite a selection stored away for my nieces and nephew.  This 2009 green pu-erh was originally obtained for my youngest niece whom was born in 2009.  However I secured more of them and will bring them home in the next trip, so I feel I should share some of them.  I personally think this is a good tea with good value for the quality.  The qi is so strong, I am still feeling it now a few hours after I had it. 

Monday, October 01, 2012

Another trip to China this year

I am taking another trip to China on the 18th of this month, returning on the 14th of November.  2 trips in a year, that's one more than usual.  A busy year indeed!

As the departure date coming up quickly, if you like to place an order of your favorite tea, an antique cup you like to have, or join us for a tea tasting with the ocean as your background screen, do so soon~

10/17 is the last day to ship orders before the trip, orders made between 10/18 and 11/14 will be shipped on 11/15.  If you have any special request while I am in China, feel free to email me, I will do my best to find what you need. 


PS. I have been procrastinating on posting pictures of my last trip in China...  I might have to begin a new trip before the I wrap up the old.   :P