Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Typhoon hits Chao Zhou

For the last few days, Eastern Guang Dong province was hit by severe typhoon.  City of Chao Zhou was in the center of this harsh weather, with over 4000 trees being up rooted!  A water reservoir dam is partly destroyed.  Lucky enough the tea gardens had relatively less damages compared to the city. 
Ever since 2010, bad weather hits the area every year!  We can only wish for better days in Spring 2014, we need a good crop of Dan Cong teas! 

Marriage between water and tea

Any serious tea drinker knows how important water is to tea, just like what a soul mate can do to ones life.    Tea is who we are, water can change tea as a mate can change us.  The best of tea can be awaken by the best matching water, just as the hidden potential in us can be brought to to life with the right person. 

Recently, Martha and Richard gave me a big jug of Spring water from Frasier Mountain which they filled up on a trip.  It is the best spring water I find in the states that is best for Dan Cong oolong.  After testing with several 2012 and 2013 DCs, all of them performed much better, the aroma has re-bloomed, the taste is sweeter and richer.  After so many years of brewing DC, I am so deceived to assume I can not mess up a brew too badly.  When the characters of DC are not so up front, I just assumed the it is lacking in some ways.  In fact they are there asleep, all it takes is the right water to wake them up.

One of the ugly ducklings is the 2012 Hong Di - Red Stem, every sip is a spring blossom down the throat, then comes the soothing honey nectar, finished with a mouth full of fragrance.  Just as a rich and beautiful DC should be. 

Yi Xing tea pots

Yi Xing Clay Teapot Shui Ping Hu 90 ml

Yi Xing Clay Teapot Horse Carriage 120 ml 1302

 Taiwan Purple Clay Tea Pot - Mei Ren Jian 180ml 1302

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2012 Gong Xiang

Wow, you just never know how well can a dan cong become with time.  I had one today as I was packing teas, 2012 Gong Xiang.  The aroma is amazingly apparent at the nose, in the taste and lingers in the breath.  Most of the time, the flavor becomes better, the texture becomes smoother.  For Gong Xiang, the aroma is better significantly.  I had not had a tea with a fragrance last this long, not even the 2011 Gong Xiang of the same tree.  A slight floral fragrance can still be traced on my taste buds after many many infusions.    I am liking it very much!!!!


Thursday, September 12, 2013

a picnic

Just a picnic on a cool cloudy day. What a wonderful time!

Just to say I am alive and drinking tea

For a long time, I don't know what to write about tea.  It has been part of me just like air, you tend to forget breathing it most of the time, but who can live without it!

Today's teas, two whites and a dan cong.  We all put away teas and forget we have them at all, until one day, digging through an unattended box, then there they are, what a surprise!
5 years old silver needle gourds
7 years old white peony
2013 Song Zhong
The white peony is very nice, deep rich finishing, mellow as an aged tea should be.  The Song Zhong performed extremely nice with Fraiser Mountain spring water, a generous gift from Martha and Richard!  The silver needle gourd white tea is hard cord, with lotsa caffeine which made my heart pounding fast.  It may not be something I prefer, but only for those with needs of caffeine rush.  :P