Thursday, August 23, 2012

Da Hong Pao tasting and comparison

Exclusive Da Hong Pao Wuyi Oolong 
Enjoy an afternoon of tea by the sea.

Sunday, August 26, 2012 @ 1 pm

Point Vincent Lighthouse Park at Palos Verdes Peninsula

5 Da Hong Pao wuyi rock teas from some of the most well known wuyi tea makers in Tian Xin Village,
Bei Dou #1 is the very first generation of clones from the 6 famous old tea trees.  You will have the opportunity to try this authentic non blended tea from the top 2 wuyi tea makers, plus 3 other high quality blended Da Hong Pao.  Bei Dou #1 made by Mr. Liu Guo Ying was sold for 40k RMB ($6667 USD) for 500 g.  All of the above mentioned teas, we have only enough for one session, they are so rare you should not miss the opportunity to try them all at once side by side. 
$35 per person

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Shanghai Cheng Huang Temple

Time to report more of my journey in China since I have been back for over a month now.

Shang Hai is a modernized and westernized city, from architecture, to life style, to fashion, to living habits and many more ways which mirror American cities such as New York and Chicago.

A few preserved traditional Chinese style communities serve as landmarks of the city.  Cheng Huang Miao - City King Temple was and still is the center of city for most large cites across China.  The city king protects the people of the city providing peace in mind.  The surrounding area also serves as a commerce center of the city where merchants conduct daily business, also is a city square where locals gather for large events hosted by the temple or the government.
ShangHai Cheng Huang temple is one of the most popular place for shopping and dinning.  There is no reason Starbucks would miss a business location like this.  :P

 The center of the Cheng Huang temple - Hu Xin Ting (Pavilion at the heart of lake).  We took a break at a tea house by the lake, over looking the lotus and wandering tourists and shoppers.  A cup of mediocre Long Jing green cost 30 rmb which is about 5 bucks, so we had macha ice cream instead at the same price.  Cost of living in Shanghai is no less than NYC and LA nowadays. 
Speaking of living cost, my perception of value is the price matches quality, but this is usually not the case in major cities or touristy towns of China.  I would pay 5 bucks for a scoop in an ice cream shop in LA, but the macha ice cream we had at the above mentioned tea house was worse than a grocery store bought macha ice cream.  Although location is a big factor of pricing, but quality should also match the location in my opinion.  Well, there are too many people in China, even as a one time sucker which most of the customers are, it's enough for the business to survive and prosper. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Gaiwan continues

Gai Wan - Blue & White Mountain Scenery 150 ml ***NEW

Gai Wan - Blue & White Lotus 150ml ***NEW

Gai Wan - Red White Blue 120ml ***NEW

 Gai Wan - Blue and White Peony #2 180ml ***NEW

 Gai Wan - Blue & White Longevity 150 ml ***NEW


More Gaiwans

I am partial to these gaiwans which I regret not getting more due to time constrain.  I shall get more next time in China. 

Gai Wan - Brown Chest Playing Children 150ml ***NEW

I personally prefer thin wall tea wares, particularly gaiwans.  Thinner the better which brews a cup of hotter tea.  These two make a good pairing in style, I just love them. 

Gai Wan - Blue and White Peony 180ml ***NEW

Gai Wan - Blue and White Chrysanthemum 180ml ***NEW

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tea Tastings

We have received many emails from our royal patrons expressing their liking of the tea tasting events, was later turned into a daily event before the closing of the brick and mortar store.  I was deeply touched and I too miss the good times at the store.  The good times we shared with good teas and interesting stories.  The best part of tea tasting is everyone brings their life stories to the tea table.  The laughter, the rising of eye browses, the smart remarks, the giggles, all in a cup of tea. 

We want to keep the tradition going, tea tasting at PV again!  The following Sundays are scheduled for special tea tastings with specific tea menus for each Sunday, designed for those with adventurous taste buds. 

Monday, August 06, 2012

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Picking up parcels of tea and teawares tomorrow

Today, a little pink slip in my mailbox brought light to the end of 9 weeks long anticipation, two large parcels containing tea wares, lotsa tea wares and some pu-erh tea, Qian Liang Cha, and things I forgot what I had purchased in Guangzhou.  Tomorrow a trip to the post office is long for with excitement!  Yaah~