Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Moving along slowly

Blank Canvas

First cut

Wall frames are up, pipes are laid

Holes are filled, dry walls are up

Floor tiles are done

Walls are painted

First mural is up, but not quite ideal.

Lights are partially mounted, but no pictures to follow through. My NEW camera is broken. My niece knocked it off my hand and broke the lens. I feel the need to cleanse my mantra, there has been series of events happening in my life lately that I have a hard time digesting. You can only take what life throws at you with a grain of salt.


Danica said...

Looks great Imen!

Imen said...

Thanks Danica!

~ Phyll said...

Wow, Imen! You art-painted the wall yourself...Bravo! Sorry to hear about the camera, tsk. Back to Canon? I think so.

Imen said...


I am sending it back to Nikon since it's still within warrantee. If I had to buy a new camera, it'd have to be a Canon. :)

MarshalN said...

Looking good!

~ Phyll said...

Nikon's warranty covers niece knocking out the lens? Hm, maybe I should get a Nikon.

Nicolaus Mote said...

Imen, the wall (& the rest of the shop) is looking good. It's great to see someone on their way to living out their dreams =).

Imen said...

thanks Marshaln...


The lens wasn't shattered, but disconnected internally. The lady didn't even ask me why, and they cover shipping too. I'd take this into consideration for the next purchase. :P


Thanks for reminding me why I am doing this! It was a light bulb went on over my head literally!

In the midst of dealing with contractors, suppliers, city inspectors, security company, landlord, insurance agents, bankers, and much much more, I question why I am taking on such massive task. I started with a passionate dream, and then got blind sighted by all the hurdles, and now I see my dream at the end of the tunnel again, and hope it's all worth while eventually!

Jidutu said...

Do you have pictures online? Where is your teahouse?

Imen said...


I see why you asked for the pictures. Phyll directed you to the comments. Here is the correct link:

The store is in Palos Verdes, CA. Thanks for stopping by here. :)