Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Raising" Yixing pots

An unclear subject in this part of the world far away from the region where clay pots were made: how to raise an Yixing pot?

3 basic ways:

1, internal raise - brew tea without pouring and polishing (slow, lid and pot might become different in color)
2, external raise - pour tea over exterior and polish (temporary and clog outside pores)
3, internal and external raise - brew tea and pour tea over exterior (fastest and common)

Contrary to common belief - soaking pots in tea over night to speed up the raising process, one shall rinse with hot water after finish using the pot then let dry in air. Another common belief is use the same pot continuously for a long period of time, on contrary, clay must be dried completely before absorbing new layers of tea oil. Use pot for 3 days and let dry for another 3 days before using again. It takes about 3 days for clay to dry completely inside and out, by inside, it is between the 2 out side surfaces of the wall.


MarshalN said...

There are lots of people I've met in Beijing who keep their lid on the pot after they've washed it, which means the pots never actually dry out.

It's amazingly common and extremely dangerous -- the pot can start smelling funny after a few days if left unattended.

~ Phyll said...

What Marshaln above said is recipe for mold. I do the internal and external raise concurrently...but I don't use a cloth to polish afterwards. I only use the boar's hair brush.

Imen said...

I learn that the hard way too! Especially the Chao Zhou pots are more proned to mold growth.