Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Small gaiwan

This small gaiwan was looted from my friend a month ago. It's now my daily gaiwan for one, since it makes exactly one cup (left) of tea each time. It's very thin and light weight, curves well so it doesn't burn my fingers easily, the knob is big but thin and flares out so it doesn't burn my fingers easily as well, everything is proportionately well made, makes very nice tea except large quantity of fisted tea leaves. Inside of the lid has an air pocket that prevents hot air raising up the lid which also means losing heat. I am loving it!

Gaiwan can be tricky, some has small snob, some has small curve, some has thick wall, on and on. Each variable determines how well it fits in your hand and how easy to use, ultimately makes a good cup of irritation-free tea.

I can be picky about gaiwans, despite the appearance, the function enhancement of a gaiwan is particularly important when selecting a gaiwan.

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heavydoom said...

i agree. i just got back from a trip to china where i bought a low but wide gaiwan with a very wide curve and a high knob on the lid. it's perfect for handling hot water without your fingers getting burnt.