Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leaving next week for China

Got my tickets and Chinese visa, and I am ready to go! Well, not really ready, but ready or not, I am leaving for China on the following Monday.

25th to 30th: Guang Zhou, visiting friends, family and attend the biggest tea expo in the world.
31th to open date: Chao Zhou
After work is done in Chao Zhou, visit Hang Zhou, Tai Yuan, Shang Hai, Yang Zhou, Su Zhou, if time allows, Ning Bo, Wu Xi, Qian Tang, Zhao Qing.

Business will continue as usual, Tea Habitat store is open regular hours during my absence. Web order will be shipped regularly except fragile tea ware items. I'll follow up each order while I am in China. You will have your teas. :D


Maitre_Tea said...

Would this tea expo/fair happen to be in Hong Kong? The crew over at The Tea Gallery is also leaving around this same time too...If so, take pictures so we can be super envious and jealous!

Imen said...

Maitre Tea,

It's in Guang Zhou. :)

LACheesemonger said...

Lan Pu

"Here you can sit at some tea houses and enjoy a wide variety of Chinese teas, brewed the traditional way. There are tables inside and on terraces that overlook the ponds.

There are 10,000 pots of orchids, with more than 2,000 species. It present a magical sight when they bloom (peak time is May and June).

Add: North to the Jinhan Exhibition Center, Jiefang Lu
Ticket price: ¥5
Opening hours: 8:30 AM -- 11 PM every day."

someday, I hope to visit :(. My father has been to GZ, but not my mother- she's never been to the ancient ancestral homeland.

Guangzhou orchid garden

Hope you meant ur leaving Mon. Nov.23rd?

Water all of your orchids *thoroughly* the day b4 u leave, shouldn't need any watering b4 you get back, week, even 2 is no problem during winter.

PM me if you need any suggestions.

PS: Thi & I can help Peter to party while u r gone :P

Imen said...


Thanks for the link! I'll check it out if I had time.

I did soak some plants today, the larger pots can retain water better, so I just water them instead of soaking them. It's on Peter's to do list once a week. :P

NO parties till I come back! It can't be fun without me right?! :B